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The Ultimate Organic Treat

GoBananaz - the first-of-its-kind in India. A delicious treat that pays homage to the king of all fruits - the Banana. Each carefully selected fruit is given a unique pampering treatment, to ensure that every bite is just as special. A range of fun treats are available for every age group. Scroll on to find what makes us so special. Banana Nirvana awaits!

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100% Organic & 100% Indian

We at Gobananaz are redefining the way people consume bananas - one of the widely available foods. Carefully selected, curated, and pleasingly dressed up, our products retain the glorious richness of the banana while creating our own special spin. Every bite is taste of the Indian sun and the bounty our land has to offer. Only the best - from us, to you.


The Adventures Of The Banana

Follow the trail - from tree to treat! From 100% organic banana plantations, our bananas are naturally ripened to ensure that all that healthy natural goodness is preserved. Our bananas are ripened in special chambers before they are frozen, and wait for the lucky person who will choose them.

  • 1. Our bananas are 100% organic and handpicked from certified firms.
  • 2. They are then naturally ripened in our chambers
  • 3. The bananas are tested for hygiene and approved.
  • 4. They are all natural - no preservatives added.
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No exposure to light and air

Banana Pop

A frozen banana delight, left to your imagination. Select from a range of chocolate, caramel coatings and fun toppings

Banana Choco - Bite

Sun-kissed bananas that are chewy in the middle, with a silky chocolate coating. Choose from the tantalizing chocolate options.

Banana Choco - Fill

It's banana magic! peel back the banana to reveal a hidden treasure inside. This special creation is sure to offer up several exciting moments.

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